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Our Desi t-shirts and clothing have made us THE most unique and popular Indian t-shirt and clothing sites in the world. From Desi pride to absolute hilarity, our products explore traditional Desi interests and break boundaries of taboo and conservatism. Read more about us or jump right in and explore our catalog featuring over 2500 unique and original products!

iBhangra . . . do you?

iBhangra - a celebration of Bhangra in all its glory.  The design details seven musicians each silhouetted in an iPod-esque style and each in his own unique style.  True to the theme, get iBhangra and let the beat go on! iBhangra is available on dozens of t-shirts and clothing products.  Might we suggest the iBhangra Ringer TCheck out the rest here.


Accha? started off as an icon for our contact page during our first few months until someone asked if we could put it on a shirt. The rest, they say, is history as Accha? has become one of our most popular products. The raised brow and the intriguing smile really brings out the meaning.  Check out the Accha? Yellow t-shirt or shop all the Accha? products.

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